Sunday, April 14, 2013


(...) On her right arm was a pink rose in bloom, and underneath it a word: Tobiko.
'What's that?'
'Oh, it's a long story,' she said with a shrug.
'My sister says there's no such thing as a long story. There are only short stories and the ones we don't want to tell.'
'Uh-hum, that's cool. And what does your sister do?'
'She's gonna be a writer. She wants to write novels where nobody falls in love because love is for fools.' (pag. 64)

(...) I would like him to forgive me. If he could find it in his heart, that is. Not because I expect him to love me. That's a pipe dream. I want him to forgive me for his own good. Anger is toxic - gives you cancer. People like me are used to it, but Yunus deserves better. (...) (pag. 68)

Elif Shafak, H o n o u r
Nu ştiu ce ediţie e, e second hand şi îi lipseşte prima pagină, aia cu toate informaţiile. :-s